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2SLGBTQ+ Owned Businesses in Nanaimo

Nanaimo is more than just a scenic destination. It’s also home to a vibrant and diverse community of entrepreneurs. This article highlights some of the remarkable 2SLGBTQIA+-owned businesses that call Nanaimo home. These businesses offer unique products and services and play a vital role in fostering economic empowerment and diversity within our city.

Let’s take a stroll and explore the offerings of these four remarkable LGBTQ+ owned businesses:

Burnt Honey Dessert Company

A Sweet Celebration of Local, Equality, and Sustainability

Founded by Kara and Fiona Shedden, a “wife and wife” team, Burnt Honey embodies a sweet celebration of local ingredients, equality, and sustainability. Since opening its doors in 2019, Burnt Honey has indulged Nanaimo’s sweet tooth with high-quality ice cream and mouthwatering macarons, sourcing ingredients from Vancouver Island whenever possible and collaborating with local artisans and businesses. Burnt Honey openly welcomes everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. The team shares these values, carefully selecting and training all staff members to ensure a safe and respectful environment. It’s not just a place for sweet treats; it’s a beacon of inclusion, sustainability, and body positivity, spreading love, one dessert at a time. Learn more at

Funk Revival

Where Fashion Meets Sustainability

Located in downtown Nanaimo on Commercial Street, Funk Revival is not just your average consignment store—it’s a vibrant community-based business that celebrates inclusivity, sustainability, and unique style. As a queer-owned and community-oriented establishment, Funk Revival is committed to providing a welcoming space for all individuals to express themselves through fashion, regardless of gender, shape, or size. By practicing sustainability and offering quality pre-loved clothing at affordable prices, Funk Revival helps customers find one-of-a-kind treasures while caring for Mother Earth. Learn more at

Two Sparrows Cupcakes & Coffee Bar

Quality, Inclusivity, and Environmental Consciousness

Found next to the food court in Woodgrove Centre, Two Sparrows Cupcakes and Coffee Bar is more than just a place to grab a caffeine fix or satisfy your sweet cravings. It’s a haven of quality, inclusivity, and eco-consciousness, and it is proudly queer-owned and operated. With a commitment to using natural colours and flavours, supporting local, and minimizing environmental impact, Two Sparrows is not just a coffee stop—it’s a space for community and sustainability. The shop itself was painted by local queer artists, Humanity In Art, adding a vibrant and unique touch to its welcoming atmosphere. Learn more at

Kitties & Cream

Cafe, Cuddles, and a Good Cause!

In Nanaimo’s Old City Quarter, Kitties & Cream offers a unique blend of cat therapy, boutique retail, and café experiences. Visitors can unwind in the cozy cat lounge, enjoying therapeutic cuddles and playtime with sociable feline friends. The boutique retail space showcases locally made “meowchandise” from over 40 vendors, including cat-themed décor and pet supplies. Guests can also indulge in locally made baked goods and beverages at the small café on-site.  Learn more at

The presence of 2SLGBTQIA+-owned businesses in Nanaimo goes beyond commerce; it’s about creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. These businesses not only provide employment opportunities, but their creativity, innovation, and advocacy foster social cohesion and acceptance, making Nanaimo a better place for residents and visitors.

As members of the Nanaimo community, we have the power to support and uplift our 2SLGBTQIA+ neighbours. Let’s consciously patronize queer-owned businesses today and every day. By doing so, we support diversity and contribute to our city’s economic empowerment and resilience. 


What is the 2SLGBTQIA+ Owned symbol?

You may have noticed the new 2SLGBTQIA+ Owned symbol in the Tourism Nanaimo business directory. This symbol signifies more than just ownership; it’s a symbol of visibility and representation for queer and trans entrepreneurs in Nanaimo. By recognizing and supporting 2SLGBTQIA+-owned businesses, we contribute to the inclusivity and diversity of Nanaimo’s economic landscape.



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