Welcome to the gnarly side of Nanaimo, where mountain bikers come to play.

Whether your tires are new or the rubber’s a little worn and well-dusted, the Nanaimo mountain biking scene is sure to thrill. Race through miles of wicked trails, boardwalks, and jumps. Carve your own destiny and free your inner wild. Bring your own bike & gear or stop by a local outfitter and get yourself trail-ready.

Nanaimo Trails

Nanaimo has quickly become one of the most popular spots on Vancouver Island for mountain biking. With an excellent selection of trails, a comfortable climate, creative trail builders, and ample support services, you are sure to have everything you need to enjoy your next ride. Bring your squad and explore the trails together or go solo and connect with a fantastic community of local riders.

With three major spots for mountain bike and downhill riding, all at various levels, Nanaimo will quickly become your go-to. Whether you hit the adrenaline-spiked singletrack or the XC trails, you’ll have world-class creature comforts to end your day.

In 2018, the crew from IFHT Films joined pro-riders Jackson Goldstone, Jordie Lunn and Katie Holden in Nanaimo for a gnarly good time. Take a look at this video of their #gnarnaimo experience.

Doumont Trails

Grab some big air on the jumps of Doumont Road—picture 10 feet drops and 100 foot stretches—or race down the singletrack past a blur of trees, pushing yourself as fast as you can on the black diamond runs, or take a casual cross-country ride and enjoy the view, the conversation, and the camaraderie. Plenty of spots for big-thrill students, and with good bailouts in case you have second thoughts.

Riders call it one of the nicest Vancouver Island mountain bike trail networks, with fantastic tracks to explore over a weekend and something new every time you come back. Grab a map at a bike shop and plan for an afternoon, a day, or a week on the Doumont Trails in Nanaimo’s wacky wilderness playground.

Doumont Trails

Westwood Lake

One of Nanaimo’s most popular multi-purpose trails, Westwood Lake is just a few minutes from downtown, and offers excellent lines for expert riders and gorgeous tracks for XC and casual riders enjoying the sport at their own speed. Park in the lot and warm up with a loop around the lake, then pick a run and start the fun.

Legalize It! – one of the first authorized trails in Nanaimo – has sweet XC and tight singletrack, with K2 and Binx each offering a good climb and a great ride. In the summer, Westwood is a popular spot for a dip after your ride, and as a multi-use park with an excellent off-leash area for the pups to run, there’s truly something for everyone in your group.

The Outer Bypass

The Outer Bypass is a mix of singletrack and gravel roads connecting the Westwood Lake and Doumont trail networks. Those looking for longer day in the saddle can start at Westwood Lake, follow the Outer Bypass to Doumont and check out some fun trails in that area before heading back. To return to Westwood, riders can go back along The Outer Bypass, or follow the road down to The Parkway Trail and return via paved roads and trails.

The Abyss / Extension Ridge

The Abyss and Extension Ridge is an out & back trail that takes you through some of the best natural features the Island has to offer. This multi-use trail is a favourite among hikers and bikers alike for its steep, conglomerate rock formations and namesake fracture. This trail is ripe with things to satisfy any technical rider’s dream, especially if you enjoy steep slabs.

Learn more about The Abyss in this blog post.

Stevie Smith Bike Park

A tribute to a fallen Canadian World Cup winner, this park features everything there is to love about riding, right in the middle of the city at Beban Park. Expert riders can test their skills and show off their abilities on the twists and turns of this high energy track, while newer riders can learn how to create momentum, manage the bumps and jumps, and develop the skills to become better trail riders and XC experts.

Called one of the most exceptional pump tracks in Canada, the Stevie Smith Bike Park is an excellent way to get in a ride when time is a factor, try out a new technique to see how you like it, or watch other riders as they practice – and show off – their style.