The Port Theatre hosts an annual Spotlight Series of presentations, bringing beloved Canadians and international artists to the city of Nanaimo. The nationally acclaimed Spotlight Series creates diverse, authentic, and accessible cultural and arts experiences for Nanaimo’s residents and visitors. Each Spotlight Series runs from September through May.

The Port Theatre’s Spotlight Series includes a tantalizing medley of acts that enrich the heart, mind, and soul. Past performances have included ballet routines, theatre performances, comedy sets, musical groups, singers, and jazz and orchestra ensembles. Many of the performances include pre-show chats or mingling in the lobby to promote community and encourage conversations about the arts.

Port Theatre Society members receive instant discounts on the Spotlight Series performances, and patrons can enjoy significant discounts of up to 25% off with the purchase of Spotlight packages. Students of all ages are encouraged to attend and receive highly discounted rates, while high school students can attend some Spotlight performances for as little as $5.

2020/2021 Spotlight Series

Coming Soon…

2019/2020 Spotlight Series

The performances included in the 2019/2020 Spotlight Series are as follows:
Ofra Harnoy
Rosanne Cash
Ballet Victoria
Les Voix Humaines
Bed & Breakfast
Winter Harp
International Guitar Night
Ballet Trockadero
Kim’s Convenience
Dakh Daughters

About The Port Theatre

The Port Theatre, which hosts every Spotlight Series, is an 804 seat performance theatre venue that attracts artists, musicians, and performers from across the globe. Located along downtown Nanaimo’s waterfront, The Port Theatre was designed to deliver excellent sightlines, top-notch acoustics, and a strong sense of community.

Numerous local volunteers help ensure every Port Theatre event is a success, donating their time as ushers, audience service members, ticket checkers, and merchandise attendants. The Port Theatre also has a small volunteer-run concession that often serves beer, wine, coffee, ice cream, and candy before shows and during intermission.