Art in Nanaimo is diverse and inspired, often reflecting the beauty of Vancouver Island. Whether you’re an art aficionado or a casual admirer, Nanaimo’s art galleries are worthy of exploration.

Nanaimo Art Gallery

150 Commercial Street

Nanaimo Art Gallery is in the centre of Nanaimo’s downtown core, offering the opportunity to experience exhibits by contemporary professional artists. The gallery features one exhibition at a time, allowing viewers to focus on a single theme and deeply enjoy its nuances. In addition to displaying curated modern art pieces, Nanaimo Art Gallery hosts a variety of workshops and activities that aim to connect people with art.

Hill’s Native Art

76 Bastion Street

Visit Soon – Permanently Closing in 2020

Hill’s Native Art is a family-owned business that has three stores in British Columbia and boasts the most extensive collection of First Nations and Inuit art in North America. The art gallery and shop welcomes carvings, paintings, and other works of art from over 1,200 artists, with pieces from every aboriginal Nation in the Northwest.

Yellow Bird Arts Gallery

Country Club Centre, 3200 Island Hwy N

Yellow Bird Arts Gallery showcases the works of popular local artists. The gallery displays and sells original paintings, limited prints, pottery, and other fine arts pieces. Yellow Bird Arts Gallery is a fantastic place to see nature-inspired art made by many of British Columbia’s most talented and respected artists.

Artzi Stuff

2 Church Street

Artzi Stuff offers a unique collection of giftable items made by over 65 local artists from across Vancouver Island and the surrounding Gulf Islands. Jewellery, metal and glassworks, ceramics, paintings, carvings and fashion accessories can all be discovered and admired at Artzi Stuff.

Gallery Merrick

13B Commercial Street

Gallery Merrick describes itself as a “celebration of all things beautiful,” and the downtown art gallery lives up to this declaration. Gallery Merrick features contemporary art by both recognized and emerging Canadian artists, and its collection is diverse and exciting. Originals are available on-site for purchase or admiration.

Artisans’ Studio

50 Bastion Street

The Artisans’ studio is a local artists cooperative, which showcases and sells professional artwork from Nanaimo-area artists. Gorgeous pottery and ceramics, knitted clothing, art prints, woven baskets, carved boxes, and jewellery are among the treasures found at Artisans’ Studio.

Art 10 Gallery

147 – 4750 Rutherford Road

Art 10 Gallery can be found in the Nanaimo North Town Centre, and was founded by ten local artists who wanted to share their collections with the world, and has grown to feature the works of 25 community members. Art 10 Gallery showcases a diverse variety of art, including glassworks, prints and paintings, jewellery, pottery, and sculptures.

Urban Art Gallery

Commercial Street x Terminal Avenue

Nanaimo’s most prominent art gallery is a display of colourful outdoor murals that line an old building at the corners of Commercial Street, Terminal Avenue and Wallace Street. Contemporary urban artists have transformed an ordinary street space into an unexpected and delightful burst of imagination, comedy, and beauty.