Day 1


Grab an early breakfast this morning before heading out onto the water.

The Deep Blue Restaurant and Lounge – Right next to Vancouver Island Whale Watch, this is a wonderfully convenient place to stop for morning pick-me-up and a hardy bite to eat before hitting the water.

Gabriel’s Cafe – If you are looking for a trendy yet wholesome place to eat, Gabriel’s is where it is at. They serve a variety of dishes (from vegan to non-vegan), and they always keep local ingredients in mind. They are conveniently located a short distance from the Nanaimo Inner Harbour.

Simon Holt – Located on the North end of Nanaimo and serving an array of wonderfully-crafted dishes, this upscale bistro is well worth the visit.


Whale-watching with Vancouver Island Whale Watch is a great way to start the day. This is your chance to witness the beauty of large marine mammals in the pristine setting of the wild Pacific Northwest.


Asteras Greek Taverna – Your classic Greek tavern in the heart of the Old City Quarter.

Mon Petit Choux – A little corner of Paris right in downtown Nanaimo. The best crepes in Nanaimo; savoury or sweet.


Spend the early afternoon, exploring the outdoor art exhibits along the waterfront walkway and Maffeo Sutton Park. Grab a sweet treat from Waterfront Confections or Cold Front Gelato to make the walk that much more enjoyable.


A long day by the water means it’s time to relax. Enjoy a refreshing drink and delicious meal at one of the following seaside eateries:

Carlos O’Bryan’s Neighborhood Pub – An Irish-themed pub with a great waterfront patio.

Beefeaters Chop House and Grill – A fresh perspective on Mediterranean cooking.

Both of these are ocean side and right next to the Marina, making them a great place to watch the boats come and go before heading back out onto the water for a paddle.


As the sun sets, magnificent skies reflecting off of calm waters, it’s time to get back onto the water. To fully experience this moment, book a lesson/tour or rent a paddle-board/Kayak from Brackish Adventures. They will show you the ropes or you can navigate the waters yourself. Watch the ferries, seaplanes, fishermen, and yachts pass by as you traverse the blue to find a private beach on Saysutshun (Newcastle Island). Find a comfortable spot on the rocks, and watch as the sun dips behind the mountains and city lights.

Day 2


Today is the day to gorge yourself on some delicious breakfast; you will need the fuel for a day of fun out on the water. Here are a few suggestions for you:

The Bee’s Knees Community Café – Located in Downtown Nanaimo, this unique stop offers an interesting blend of Persian and western cuisine. 

Columbia BakerySpecializing in high quality European Breads and Pastries with two locations in

central and north Nanaimo, we highly recommend you stop by for a bite of something tasty.

Bodhi’s Artisan Bakery – Located in North Nanaimo and with incredible attention to detail, this little bakery is sure to delight the senses.


What better way to experience true west coast living than to get out on the water with a Guided Fishing & Crabbing Charter with Invictus Charters! Captain Gerry will be able to show you some of Vancouver Island’s best fishing. Be sure to come fully prepared, which means attaining a Tidal Fishing License with a Salmon Stamp. This 4+ hour excursion means there’s plenty of time for you to catch that “Big One” you’ve always dreamed of. For those wishing to drop the crab traps, tours are 5+ hours.


Be sure to pack your lunch today as you will be eating at sea. There are several great places to get a lunch to go downtown before meeting the Tour Guide:

McLean’s Specialty Foods – located in the Old City Quarter.

Mon Petit Choux – Located in downtown Nanaimo, this french-inspired cafe offers delicious sandwiches on french baguettes, rich soups, and delicously-seasoned salads. Looking to add somthing sweet to this meal. Their Parisian pastries are dangerously good.


Still out on the water catching fish and crabs all the while having fun!


If you didn’t catch tonight’s dinner, have no fear there are some great restaurants all throughout the downtown area. But if you did catch something and wish to cook it up tonight, head over to Saysutshun (Newcastle Island Provincial Marine Park), where there are day use fire pits and picnic tables. If you have planned ahead and brought food to accompany your meal, you can ask the Captain from Invictus Charters to drop you off. To get back to “Mainland” Vancouver Island, hop on board the Newcastle passenger ferry to Maffeo Sutton Park. The ferry to and from Maffeo Sutton Park leaves every hour. If you want to eat elsewhere here are a few suggestions for you:

Smokin’ Georges BBQ – This is your go to BBQ spot in North Nanaimo

Huong Lan Restaurant – Nestled in central Nanaimo, this is a local favourite for Vietnamese cuisine.


Book a catamaran tour with Captain Hans with Vancouver Island Catamaran Sailing. Tours from 1-4 hours are available and tours can be customized depending on what you would like to see. We suggest cruising around Saysutshun (Newcastle Island) keeping a close eye on shore to see if you can spot the White Raccoon family! He’ll even throw down a crab trap if you ask. Happy Sailing!