Day 1


Your day starts as the sun rises over Nanaimo, a clear omen of what will become a memorable weekend. Pushing yourself out of the comfy bed in your room at the Inn on Long Lake might not be the hardest thing you do today, but it’s definitely up there. Take advantage of the continental breakfast, then head over to one of our many well-equipped bike shops to pick up anything you’ve forgotten and to check out the inventory of new bikes and accessories – just in case it’s time to upgrade. Remember to grab a Nanaimo mountain bike trail map, then set out for your adventure, less than 15 minutes away.


Explore the network of trails at Doumont. There’s a fantastic ride for every member of your group, from the friend who just got their first bike last week to the pro who looks at every stump and bump to figure out how they can get the most air. Start with ASOP (stands for All Season Outdoor Player) – a black diamond 1.5Km ride with plenty of technical sections and the most amazing view of the city. No matter what the weather, you’re here to ride all day. After ASOP, take a run down Hayden – a relaxed Blue with some technical downhill and a quick climb; ride up Big Rock for an easy climb; navigate the roots and rocks on Monkeys in the Mist; or get a bit of everything on the 10.6Km All-Mountain route.


Once you’ve pushed yourself as far as you can go, ride back to the parking lot and gear down, then head towards the LandLubber Pub – there’s a self-serve carwash across the road, where you can blow most of the trails off your bikes. Once the rides are clean and secure, stop into the Landlubber to treat yourself to a deep-fried pickle and an ice-cold beverage, then tuck into a plate of fish tacos, basket of wings, or a rib tower – share with the group or enjoy it all on your own.

After supper, head back to the Inn to charge up the GoPro, check your times on Strava, and rest up for day two of your Nanaimo MTB Adventure.