Last week, Jennifer from WildPlay Nanaimo, invited the Tourism Nanaimo team to test their fear with the newly unleashed WTF (What’s To Fear) Jump. With camera in hand, I jumped into the Tourism Nanaimo van, picked up Sarah and Sam, and headed down south to WildPlay Nanaimo.

Located in the Cassidy region, overlooking Nanaimo River, sits Nanaimo’s WildPlay Element Park. I’ve been to the park on a few occasions and every time I walk the paved path to Guest Services, I’m sure the bungy bridge grows taller and taller!

We met Jennifer, WildPlay Element Parks Manager and our guide extraordinaire, at the Guest Services building so Sam could sign-in and fill out all the appropriate waivers. Sam got a bit more than he bargained for – he thought he would just be partaking in the new WTF Element, but after I exclaimed I’ve never photographed the Primal Swing Element, Jennifer talked Sam into signing up for that Element too!

Alright, with waivers signed, it was off for a quick tour of the grounds as we made our way to the WTF Jump. To the left, as you walk out of the main doors of Guest Services, you can see the towering bungy bridge – according to Jennifer the bridge was originally built in 1990 specifically for its prime bungy location. While you wait for your turn on one of the 5 Elements, hang out at the park’s leisure area where you can play beach volleyball, suntan on the grass, have a snack, or even sit around a bonfire (campfire ban permitting!). Jennifer mentioned that they’ve had quite a few birthday parties at the park – and even a wedding or two! In fact, our co-worker Kara tied the knot at WildPlay Nanaimo. The first act as husband and wife? Tandem bungy jumping, of course!

As we strolled along the gravel and stone path, past the DragonFly Zip Line practice area, we happened upon the WTF Jump. I think I broke my neck looking up at the WTF platform:

Set up in the tree top, towering 12 meters over the forest floor, the WTF Jump is “an intense rush of adrenaline” that will give you the thrill of a lifetime! First, your Element Guide will suit you up in all necessary safety gear, then it’s time to climb the ladder to the tree top. Before he began, Sam didn’t look too overtly nervous about the WTF Jump, but he definitely started to feel those butterflies as he ascended the rope ladder.

He was so high up I had to use my super zoom to get a close up of Sam before he took the plunge:

Well, with a “what’s, to, fear!” he leaped off the ledge into a quick and nerve-racking free-fall:

It was much more of a rush than Sam bargained for! His knee’s were a little shaky as he leaped, and he felt his heart drop through his stomach as he careened towards the forest floor. It was over so quick, Sam had to try another go – which worked out perfect for me since I was able to snap a video of his heart-thumping descent:

The WTF Jump is perfect for anyone who would like the thrill of the Bungy Jump/Primal Swing but are maybe too nervous to start off big! It’s also great for younger kids who are too young for the aforementioned Elements – anyone age 7+ can partake.

Next up was the Primal Swing.

I have to admit, I was actually a little nervous myself – and I wasn’t even doing the Primal Swing! Sam was a champ though – he got harnessed in by the rad Element Guides, perched himself on the edge of the bridge, and zoom – he was off!

Definitely the first yell he let out was one of terror – I mean who wouldn’t? With speeds reaching 140kms/hr and “feel it to your core” G-Force, this Element is sure to make you vocal! But after the first upswing, with the air rushing past him, the incredible views of Nanaimo River Canyon, and the adrenaline pumping through his veins, Sam couldn’t help but yell out in joy and excitement.

Once he made the long trek back up from the base of the canyon, Sam felt like he was on top of the world.

Thanks to Jennifer and the rest of the staff at WildPlay Nanaimo for inviting us to check out their new Element, the WTF Jump. We highly recommend you try it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

Check out my last post on WildPlay from May where I was able to capture the remaining WildPlay Nanaimo Elements – Bungy Jump, DragonFly Zip Line and Monkido!

Have you been to WildPlay Nanaimo? What’s your favourite Element?!

– Sean