Hey y’all! TN staffer Laura here 🙂

Van Isle Paddleboard Co. took us out for a test drive of Stand-Up Paddle boarding. I was pretty stoked because I have always wanted to try it. We went out on Westwood Lake which is an awesome place for beginners as there isn’t much of a current and it wasn’t too windy the day we went (however, the clouds were very dark and daunting!). Kate Burgan from Shaw TV joined in on the fun too!

Jenn set us up on the beach and gave a demo on how to hold your paddle and what not. We put our boards on the water and started out on our knees. I was very anxious to get up on my feet…Jenn made it look so easy. Everyone got up onto their feet; I was the last one to get up…and the first one to fall in. I knew I’d be the first one in! After failing to get up, struggling to get back on my board, I finally was able to stand up. However, it hurt my feet so I ended up sitting down which I really enjoyed. My co-worker Tyler fell in a few times which made me feel better, and my other two co-workers Tiffany and Jenna jumped in at the end of our paddling session (thanks guys!).

Stand-up paddle boarding is definitely something I’d recommend for people visiting and for locals as well! It’s a relaxed “sport” that is really enjoyable—once you get the hang of it, which happens pretty fast.  It’s not the easiest thing I’ve done, but not the hardest either! Jenn was really encouraging and helpful.

If you want to see the fun and hilarious footage of us put together by Shaw TV, check it out here (seriously, it’s hilarious): https://goo.gl/H95J7O 

We also made a quick video from our GoPro clips (watch for the girls jumping in at the end):

Want to try it out? Check out Van Isle Paddleboard Co.’s website: http://www.vanislepaddleboardco.com/

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Happy Paddling!