Hey y’all!

I’m back for round 2 of being a Visitor Information Counsellor this summer (I LOVE it!) and today I’m gonna share with you our adventures in Flightseeing with Sunshine Coast Air. 

My co-worker Jenna and I got to go a few weeks ago with some visitors from Germany. TBH (to be honest), I was a little bit nervous as I’m not a huge fan of flying. However, I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I felt and how extremely excited I was once we got down to the docks and ready to board the plane.

It was kind of funny; I was talking to the German visitors and mentioned that one of our co-workers, Helga, is German and that when I left the Northfield Visitor Centre that she was speaking German to them (it’s my favourite to hear!) Turns out, the German visitors that Helga was speaking to were the same ones we were going to fly with! So cool!

For the flight, we started by going around Jack Point and then headed over to Gabriola Island. The view of the cliff-filled coast was amazing; I didn’t realize Gabriola had that kind of coast! It was beautiful. After soaring over Gabriola we went over Entrance Island, which was over flowing with sea lions! I’ve never seen that many, it was insane. One of the German visitors commented “how lazy” the sea lions are…and she is right!

Next up was Newcastle Island. The water was so clear and looked amazing, I couldn’t believe it. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I attempted to kayak around Newcastle Island (look for that in an upcoming blog post!). Long story short, we couldn’t make it around due to wind so we had lunch in Kanaka Bay, which we could see below us on the seaplane, so that was neat. After that, we were off to Pipers Lagoon and Neck Point which are two of my favourite parks in Nanaimo. They are so pretty to walk around, but wow, that view from above!

Other than the view, my favourite thing about this was that we went with some visitors from Germany. It was awesome to be able to experience our beautiful city with some friendly visitors.

Seriously though, I cannot stress to you how amazing the view is from the seaplane. You cannot beat the view of Nanaimo from there. Have fun flying!