A few weeks ago I got a text from my brother and as I opened the message, which was a video of someone bungy jumping, my first thought was, “There’s NO WAY that’s my brother bungy jumping”. My second thought: “How DARE he went with out me and my camera!” So when my cousin Liz came to visit from Calgary, and when my friend Mike came in to town on his days off from work, I decided I was going to persuade everyone to head to WildPlay Element Parks.

Located at 35 Nanaimo River Road, WildPlay has everything you need to unleash your wild side! From the Bungy Jump to the DragonFly Zip Lines, from the Primal Swing to the Monkido Aerial Adventure, there’s sure to be something there to make you wild!

All together, James, Mike, and Liz completed the Bungy Jump, DragonFLY Zip Lines, and the Monkido Aerial Adventure. Set along Nanaimo River, WildPlay boasts some amazing views as you bound, zip, and fly through the park.

The Monkido Aerial Course was by far the biggest hit among our crew. The obstacle course set up in the tree canopy was really cool – and at times knee-shaking! This Element will test your physical and mental limits as you gradually climb from 2m off the ground to a whopping 18m! Those of us on the ground had to strain our necks to keep track of our aerial monkeys!

Not all the Elements are suited for all ages. Most Elements require you to be 12+ years of age. However, kids 7-11 can partake in the Monkido Aerial Adventure as long as they’re with a buddy!

Have you ever been to Nanaimo’s WildPlay? What’s your favourite Element?? Let us know in the comments below!

– Sean