Hey y’all!

Last week me and the boyfriend hit up Smokin’ George’s for some finger-lickin’ dinner. Smokin’ George’s has two locations, a Food Truck in the South end of Nanaimo, at Rona which runs Tuesdays-Sundays, and one in the North end of Nanaimo, on Mostar Road, which is where we went.

Located in the industrial area of Nanaimo, the atmosphere inside was very different from the outside – it was welcoming and neighbourly like.

Smokin’ George’s has a fast food-like ordering system: go up to the front and order, but they come bring the food right to your table. George himself even comes and asks how you are enjoying your food!
I have had their pulled pork sandwich many times, and thought that I would stick with the classic, as it is delicious!
My boyfriend ordered the Crispy Fried Chicken Plate, which came with a side of baked beans, coleslaw, and corn bread. Both of us had never tried the Crispy Chicken before, oh man…it was amazing!

Not heavily coated in a crust, but a light-crispy layer that had the perfect amount of crunch! We also shared a poutine. But not just any poutine…a Pulled Pork Poutine! And yeah, it is as good as it sounds! Extra crispy fries, gravy, cheese curds, and succulent pulled pork, topped with their delicious house-made sauce…mmmm.

After such a tasty meal, I wanted to end the meal with one of their new Bacon Nanaimo Bars. Yes, you read that right: Bacon. Nanaimo. Bars, which are a new addition to the 2014 Nanaimo Bar Trail. Unfortunately, they were all out. As you can imagine, they are a hot commodity. From what I hear, they are to die for, so I will definitely be back to try them, and try the Food Truck next time!

Have you guys been to Smokin’ George’s? What’s your go to fare? Let us know in the comments below!

– Laura