If you are like me, you have been lucky enough to be born with the inability to eat gluten. Life without gluten is hard, and eating out at restaurants is even harder.  But don’t worry, I have searched out a few of the best restaurants in Nanaimo that are gluten free or that will alter their menu to suit you!

I have indicated completely gluten free facilities with an *

Treats and Sweets

*Let’s Eat Guilt Free (435 Terminal Ave) –  This small café is a restaurant and bakery mixed in to one, and it is completely gluten free!! Let me repeat that everything is gluten free, you can eat everything in this restaurant without making any modifications!  Whenever I stop in I always treat myself to the roast beef sandwich, it’s covered in caramelized onions and melted cheese. Make sure before you leave, you stock up on their focaccia buns. Click to go to Guilt Free website.

Mon Petit Choux (101 Commercial St) – Mon Petit Choux is home to a number of delicious treats such as their French Macarons. If you are looking for a larger bite to eat they will make you a deconstructed sandwich served on top of their delicious hash-browns. Click to go to Mon Petit Choux’s website.


Bocca Café  (427 Fitzwilliam St) – Bocca café has the most amazing Vegan and Gluten Free chocolate cake you will ever experience,  it is a sharing size so make sure you bring along a friend to help you enjoy the masterpiece! In addition to that fantastic cake Bocca offers sandwiches, delicious  chewy  bagels and huge, I mean huge scones & muffins! Click to go to Bocca Cafés website.

*Powerhouse Foods (200 Commercial Street & 6560 Metral Drive)– if you are looking for raw, vegan and gluten free food powerhouse has got you covered! With two locations in Nanaimo you won’t have to go far to get your fill. At Powerhouse you can get everything from raw Nanaimo Bars, pizza to “cheese” cake and a smoothie in every flavour you can think of! All the almond milk for your smoothie is organic and made fresh in-house.


If you have found any other gems offering gluten free sweets, be sure to send to Tourism Nanaimo. These are just a few favourites I’ve found so far.

Stay tuned – I’m currently researching (aka sampling) other gluten free dining. I will post my findings on popular lunch & dinner options in Nanaimo & Region next week!