Whether you are on vacation and are looking for some nice souvenirs, or if you’re a local looking for some presents to send friends or family living abroad, Nanaimo can offer you great little shops and boutiques in downtown to find that special something that will remind you and your friends and family of a great vacation and visit to Nanaimo.
Museum Gift Shop

The local museum is always a good stop on your visit, because besides portraying Nanaimo’s history from coal mining until today, the Nanaimo Museum also has a large, well-stocked gift shop right adjacent. Here you can find hand crafted jewellery from local artists, art cards, Nanaimo Bar souvenirs and a variety of books and posters as well as souvenirs from Nanaimo’s iconic building the Bastion, scarves, games, art cutlery, and so much more. So take in some history and on your way out stop and wander through this beautifully presented gift shop.

Hills Native Art Gallery

You can find this gallery on Bastion Street also in the heart of downtown. Here you can find everything on local and BC based First Nations art. You will find educational and interpretive books, illustrations, art posters, cards, leather works, clothing, scarves, shoes, clothing, wood carving, medallions, magnets, jewellery all designed and produced by Nanaimo and BC Native artists. This two story shop will let you discover some hidden gems.

Newfoundland to Nanaimo

Newfoundland to Nanaimo is a small souvenir shop right on the Waterfront Walkway, but don’t underestimate this souvenir mecca in Downtown. They have something for everyone, whether you are for Nanaimo and Vancouver Island postcards, branded clothing, beautiful pottery, magnets, key chains and a vast selection of other unique gift and souvenir ideas, this is the place to spend some time and have a look around.

Northfield Visitor Centre

Our Northfield Visitor Centre location on the Parkway Highway has a selection of books, postcards, Morden Mine Coins and Nanaimo pins, as well as water bottles and the famous Nanaimo Bar recipe on a tea towel. If you are looking for something more specific, the visitor centre staff will gladly point you in the right direction.

~ Helga