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I lived! I know, a bit of a dramatic start for a story about camping, but I was awfully pleased with the outcome and wanted to shout it from the roof tops – or tent tops in this case.

My family, (George, Grace, Ella and I) thought it would be a grand bonding experience if we headed out to a local campground. I thought it would make for a good story, so I said sure, sounds like an idea.

Picking the campground for this adventure was easy – it had to be close to home, in case I wanted to bail. I phoned the fine folks at Brannen Lake RV Park & Campsite and they readily agreed to let us camp and experience all they have to offer. Thanks Lorraine and the fine team there.

There were many reasons for choosing this campground… lovely Brannen Lake, a picturesque walk down to it, a little convenience store with all sorts of awesome, including the old school Jiffy Pop Popcorn – you know – the one that when the corn pops it expands into a big silver dome. Love it.


The folks at Brannen Lake Campground also make it extra fun with a DJ dance party on long weekends, and Sunday morning they feature a pancake breakfast for a very nominal price.


The campsite we got was great. It lots of trees and was far back from the road. It also backed onto a lush trail that had a rope swing for the kids to play on. We set up our tents and made ourselves at home for three days. We took our dogs initially, but they were not the best camping companions… scaredy-cat dogs cowering under chairs because of the campfire crackling.


The first night I was not so convinced that camping was for me. My husband figured that one of my major complaints about camping would be sleeping on the ground: blow-up bed to the rescue. It was very comfy… in fact so comfy, I slept in the next morning… lulled by the bed and the pounding rain. It was glorious


We spent a lot of time around the camp fire, the kids and husband chilling in their hammock, playing at the park…. and swimming at the lovely Brannen Lake Campground beach. I loved sitting under the big willow tree, listening to my kids playing while reading my book. Pretty blissful.


We did 3 night ls there… it progressively got better for me. We laughed, played and cooked some terrific food over the open fire.


We bonded… for sure. We relaxed… for sure. I am still a reluctant camper… I did have to get people to do drive by latte runs for me, so camping in the wilderness may be out of my comfort zone


I give camping at Brannen Lake Campground two marshmallows up! Go check them out. Go play in our own backyard. Have fun – #ExploreNanaimo!

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