There’s nothing better than a weekend of nerding out, and this year’s M-Con (Nanaimo’s very own comic con) did not disappoint. Although we are still a full year away until the next one, here is a teaser to get your mind thinking about M-con 2019.

To get some more info on the event, we contacted Addy Davies, M-Con Organizer. Here is what we found out:

The Story Behind M-Con

What is the history/ story behind M-Con Nanaimo?

We simply wanted an awesome event on Vancouver Island, to benefit our local communities and to help our future generations through a comic-con like event that would raise money while engaging our community of passionate cosplayers/gamers/families and business owners.

*All proceeds go to the Nanaimo Youth Services Association*

What are the top 3 things attendees should know about this event?

We are Not-For-Profit, so all the proceeds go to help local charities. You’re attendance and purchases help your local charity, community and businesses! We can’t all save the world but we can help out in our own community!

Our panels and workshops are community driven! People you may know and learn from!

Come as you are and have fun! Bring your family and friends!

The Best of M-Con

What’s it like for a fan to attend a convention like this?

Attending a convention like this is great! You make friends with people you’d never thought you’d become friends with. You get this amazing community that accepts you and all your weirdness!

What are the top highlights for an event like this?

Gaming tournaments and Cosplay Contest are always a big hit! This year we had more workshops and panels than ever!

Were there any big name guests at this year’s M-con? If so, who?

This year, we had Peter Kent, who’s made a name for himself playing Arnold’s stunt double, then starting his own film stunt school in Vancouver.

Traci Hines is the real-life Disney’s Ariel … need I say more?

Does M-con host any fan meet-ups? When and where?

This whole event was one big fan meet up! Saturday, September 15th to Sunday, September 16th.

What are some tips for someone wanting to meet a person of interest within the comic community at next year’s convention?

Be Polite, always ask and respect their personal space, Cosplay is not consent to touch.

In general, be nice and treat them as you would want to be treated.

How can attendees get the most out of their M-Con Experience.

Games, cosplay, and having fun! There are lots of amazing workshops and panels to learn and enhance your fun factor! For those over 18, we have after-hours entertainment with some adult humour and fun!

More about Cosplay at M-Con

Does M-con host any organized photoshoots for people participating in cosplay? When and Where?

We have onsite photographers that will be around to take photos on both days. If you want a little more one on one, just ask! We want everyone to have fun!

What are some tips for people making costumes and dressing up as their favourite characters?

You don’t need a big budget or all the best materials! I’ve seen people make amazing costumes from thrift store finds or even cardboard!

I’m not great at making things but I know all I have to do is ask and I’ll get a tremendous amount of help from the community!

About Addy

What got you interested in comic books? Do you have an interesting story to share?

I got into comic books after moving to Canada and Superman was my first taste of Western Comics, but before that, there was Masked Rider, Astro Boy, and Macross.

At Fan Expo Vancouver in 2013/2014 I finally met the creative team of Aspen Comics, I was speechless and starstruck.

We Had to Ask…

If you were roommates with three comic book or video game characters, who would they be and why?

Oh man! Let’s see… Batman & Iron Man … cause they have all the coolest toys! Superman, because he could fly me all around the world – VACATION ANYWHERE!

Which comic or video game character would you want to be your best man?

Close race but I am going to give it to Tony Stark, he’d probably throw me a pretty awesome party!

Which character is your absolute favourite?


If you could go for dinner with any character, who would it be?

Dinner date? Wonder Woman…

Which Character is the fiercest “bad guy”

Oh man… Galactus, eater of worlds…

For superheroes, which character has the lamest superpower?

Doorman – he teleports people — but only from one room to the next.