5 Interesting Facts About Beer

  • The oldest surviving recipe for beer can be found in a ancient sumerian poem called Hymn to Ninkasi. This piece of literature dates back nearly 4,000 years.
  • Pilsner “is the most popular beer in the world.” – Spruce Eats
  • Beer can also be a dessert… at least at Cold Front where they use beer from Longwood Brewery in their Chocolate Stoutnik flavoured gelato 😛
  • Nanaimo hosts an annual beer run which takes place in April each year.
  • “Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass.” – Factslides

*To prevent yourself from a cenosillicaphobic-induced panic attack, make sure you check out the Longwood Stock Festival on Saturday, September 22nd.*

Longwood Stock

To learn more about this event, we contacted Tracy McLean from Longwood Brewery. Here’s what we discovered:

Last year’s festival took place in August; this year it’s in September. Why the change?

We wanted to move the date to September to offer Nanaimo a shoulder-season festival. Music and beer fans—including VIU students—will be back in town from summer vacations and the weather in September is still great.

The headliners for this year are so exciting. Is it hard to choose musical acts from an Island where there are so many talented musicians?

We’re excited for all of the artists up and down the festival lineup, and musicians are definitely interested in joining us! You are correct that there is a ton of talent on the Island, and we’re proud to highlight Vancouver Island and Nanaimo musicians along with a number of out-of-town acts. The amount of Island talent ensures that we can fulfil our main goal, which is to provide a well-rounded lineup of talent that everyone can enjoy. I think the diversity of the musical styles—rock, funk, folk, ska, blues, hip-hop—speaks to that as well.

What else do folks need to know about Longwoodstock 2018?

While the music will be great again this year, we are increasing our focus on the beer side of things. We challenged Longwood to come up with some special one-off brews that will appeal to hardcore craft beer fans as well as the casual drinker. They’ve come up with six special event-only collaboration kegs that we are cracking right as gates open; when they are gone, they are gone, so arrive early! We’ve added 4oz sample tasting options to encourage people to try these different beers, and the first 100 people through the gate will receive some complimentary samples. We’ve also increased our cider lineup from Merridale and Longwood’s core beers will also be available. You won’t find a better celebration of central Island music, beer, cider, and food anywhere else!

We always see the Longwood Brewery team out in the community! What are some of your favourite events to participate in?

The Longwood Brew Crew is always out and about and we especially love being part of The Dragon Boat Festival, Bite of Nanaimo, Crafternoon….actually, anything that promotes craft beer and community involvement. Our mobile “Island Time” party truck has made it’s rounds this year to many events throughout Nanaimo and Vancouver Island.

We’ve seen you do fun partnerships with other local businesses before, but this year you’re really taking it to the next level. Who can Longwoodstock fans find waiting to serve them food & drink when they arrive?

Well, you are absolutely correct, this year is going to be amazing. We have 6 collaboration beers we are mixing up with Arbutus Distillery, Vancouver Island Hot Sauce, St. Jean’s CanneryCold Front Gelato, Brown Dog Brewing, and Westholme Tea Company. These are all one-time only beers and let’s just say, very unique! We have The Longwood Brew Pub, St. Jean’s Cannery, La Mexicaine and Pango Pizza all serving up some tasty treats. Bring your appetite for great food and beer.

What else do folks need to know about Longwoodstock 2018?

This will be the fourth year of LongwoodStock and this year, we will be raising funds for our local Land and Marine Search and Rescue. We have shuttle service to The Queens after the event and taxi options available so leave your cars at home. The after party is going to be amazing and features Dope Soda at the Queens. This is truly a unique venue for a summer wrap up party!