Hey y’all!

Patio season is here! We had a pretty early start with this abundant amount of sunshine, so I’ve been to my fair share of patios. Here are my top 3 picks:

Modern Café

My best friend Taylor and I hit up Modern Café for lunch after a few hours at Westwood Lake. Since we had to quench our thirst, we ordered some drinks. I ordered the Nanaimo Bar Martini, of course. Taylor ordered a yummy Strawberry Marg on the rocks. For lunch we shared a Smoked Salmon Wrap (omg so good) and a Canadian classic, Poutine. This patio is nice for lunch time to sit and soak up the sun while eating some yummy food.


Lighthouse Bistro

My boyfriend Tyson and I went here for dinner and one and were super impressed. We shared some Coconut Shrimp which is my fave. We both decided to get the Steamed Crab because after all, we were right on the water. This patio area is literally above water with a nice view of the harbour where you can watch the seaplanes take off. It was nice and relaxing. If you have room after dinner, grab a Nanaimo Bar ice cream cone at Waterfront Confections and stroll the Harbourfront Walkway (there’s ALWAYS room for dessert!).

I am always down to try new patios so let me know what your favourites are!