Hey travellers, @jonahswferguson here and I will be taking over the Tourism Nanaimo page for the next few days! I grew up in Nanaimo and chose to pursue photography as a way of sharing the beauty I was constantly coming across on my hikes around Nanaimo and Vancouver Island. This particular shot was captured as I was on my way out of town one morning, and caught this view out of the corner of my eye. Many of you will probably recognize this tree, and I have always thought it would make a great photo, but it wasn’t until this sunrise and mist combined that I was offered the perfect circumstances for this shot.

Westwood Lake

One of Nanaimo’s main summer destinations, even when it’s covered with overhanging smoke from the wildfires throughout BC, is Westwood Lake. With sandy beaches, beautiful trails through the forest, and gorgeous views of Mount Benson, this is a popular spot for swimming, fishing, hiking, jogging, or mountain biking. Feel free to shoot me a message @jonahswferguson for other good spots in Nanaimo to take photos!

Pouring Cream at the Buzz Coffeehouse

Having grown up here in Nanaimo, one of my favorite things is the community, as well as the local people and businesses. Whenever I’m editing photos or meeting friends, I usually opt for a local coffeehouse like @thebuzzcoffeehouse or @regardcoffee. If you’re visiting Nanaimo, also make sure to check out our local breweries and brewpubs, such as the @longwoodbrewpub!

Forest on Newcastle

If you’ve never visited Nanaimo’s Newcastle Island Marine Park, make sure to plan a day trip out there before the summer is over! A 10 minute ferry ride will bring you to this beautiful island park, minutes from downtown Nanaimo, where forest trails will take you along its gorgeous beaches, through lush forests, and to several of it’s historic landmarks, which you will have to discover for yourself! You can also get to the park by renting a kayak or stand-up paddleboard and adding another adventure to your day trip!
Shot by: @jonahswferguson

Sebastian Beach during sunset

One of my favorite beaches near Nanaimo to watch the sunset at is Sebastian Beach in Lantzville. During magic hour as the sun is setting over Notch Hill in Nanoose Bay, this beach will attract photographers, divers, fishermen, and friends and family who are just looking to relax on the sandy beach and rocks to watch the sunset. The water is also amazing for swimming if you are looking to hop in and cool off after a long summer day! Shoot @jonahswferguson if you’re wondering about other great beaches in Nanaimo!

Light Trails down Jinglepot

One of the things I love most about Nanaimo is it’s diversity, and the fact that it is so central on Vancouver Island that you can reach most hikes or destinations on the island with a day trip. Nanaimo has all the great local businesses and services you need from a city, but it also has amazing drives through farmland along Jinglepot road, and you can easily reach Mount Benson or the ocean within a matter of minutes. These aspects make it a photographers dream, as we are provided with so many photo destinations to choose from, that the problem is choosing one!

Sunrise on the Harbour Air Dock

@jonahswferguson wrapping up my week here at Tourism Nanaimo with one of my favorite shots of the sunrise over Nanaimo Harbor! I was fortunate enough to work on the docks in the harbor for a time, and I can’t even count the number of absolutely beautiful sunsets I witnessed, but on this occasion I was lucky enough to have my camera handy and capture this shot! Next time you’re in Nanaimo, make sure not to ,miss the sunrise and make sure you go #explorenanaimo!

Bonus Shots:

The ballroom on Newcastle Island

A relaxing spot in Bowen Park

Beach Estates Park Waterfall