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Nanaimo is #Instagram heaven, with #food, #smiles, and #fun everywhere you look. Join us as we explore some of the most photogenic spots in and around the city, so you can create an Instagram album that makes your feed the one to follow.


There’s no simple formula that will make you Instagram-famous, but choosing the right location and sharing it far and wide will help you gain more followers while showing off your unique perspective.

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The Harbour City is rich with places and spaces that are naturally photogenic and perfect for sharing. Charge your battery and step outside to #ExploreNanaimo, and let your snaps tell your story.

Ammonite Falls

One of the most unique spots to shoot in all of Nanaimo, Ammonite Falls is gorgeous year-round. An easy hike through the trees, followed by a quick descent to the falls. There are ropes to guide you down, and lots of opportunities to get great shots on the way there. The falls themselves are spectacular, and the millions-of-years-old ammonite fossils are everywhere, including one that might just be the Island’s largest. #adventure with #seashells

Beach Estates Park

Waterfalls always make an excellent Instragram post, and the fact that this park is almost in the middle of the city means it’s easy to get to and hard to stay away. #hike your way to the #waterfalls, #feelingtheburn as you run the #stairs, then head down to the beach to grab some shots from a different angle.

Colliery Dam

Giant trees and waterfalls, wooden bridges and park benches. Everything you need to frame the perfect selfie or spotlight your fur-friends. #nofilter

Departure Bay Beach

Whether the tide is in or out, there’s no shortage of subjects for your #photooftheday. Frame up the sun as it rises above the mountains and Salish Sea, or stroll along the sandy beaches and rocky shores looking for ocean treasures and natural beauty. Take a selfie with the Totem greeting at Kin Park, or write a love note in the sand.

Maffeo Sutton & Waterfront

Stroll along the paved pathways of Maffeo-Sutton Park in downtown Nanaimo to find naturally beautiful backdrops for your feed. Strike a pose with the statue of Frank Ney, one of Nanaimo’s most popular mayors, choose a funny filter and snap some selfies in the pavilion, stop in the shops along the Harbourfront Walkway, and watch for naturally photogenic marine creatures as you sail across the #ocean to Newcastle Island.

Mount Benson

Find fantastic panoramic shots on the top of #mtbenson, where you can look down at the city and ocean with your head in the clouds. Enjoy the trees and trails on your way up and down, showing the world that you’re truly a #traveladdict.

Neck Point Park

Crawl the beach to find new life, hike the trail and feel the ocean spray, and take a moment to appreciate the world around you and the important moments in your life. Fill your feed with pics of the #FairyDoors and the natural beauty of this #blessed space.

Newcastle Island

Ride the passenger-only ferry to Sayutshun – the First Nation’s name for Newcastle Island, and discover #wildernessculture on the trails and beaches of this cute paradise in Nanaimo Harbour. Explore the driftwood skeletons, camp above the sandy shores, and #goplayoutside with nature. The strong First Nation presence on the island can be found in the totems and carved benches, and tasted in the locally inspired menu of the Saysutshun Bistro.

Pipers Lagoon

Contrast is everywhere at Pipers Lagoon – deep grasses, pebbly shores, towering trees, mountain vistas, and ocean waves. Build your shot with the deep red of a gnarled arbutus against the grey driftwood, or profile your pupper with the world behind her. #bcisbeautiful, and you’ll find this everywhere at Pipers.

Urban Explorations – The Vault, Mon Petit Choux, Old City Quarter

Grab a coffee for an #instadaily #latteeart that tastes as good as it looks, then try out a #nanaimobar from one – or all – of the shops on the Nanaimo Bar Trail. Take some #foodporn closeups of the most delicious treats, then explore the #uniqueboutiques of #OldCityQuarter, to see art on display everywhere you turn. Take a #selfie in front of the Bastion along the Harbourfront Walkway, or use the boat basin as the perfect backdrop. Explore the museums to reflect on our Canadian history, and appreciate the textures and colours of our old school architecture and modern designs throughout the city.

Westwood Lake

Winter or summer, spring and fall, there are fantastic shots to find at Westwood Lake. Discover the right angle on the hardpacked trail amongst the trees, frame up a selfie on the boardwalk with your bestie, or pose with your #furchild in the off-leash park, sharing that #pupper’s fantastic smile.

Pick out your #amazing #OOTD, treat yourself to #latteeart from a talented #barista, and set out to catch the #photooftheday in Nanaimo.

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