Hey guys, TN Staffer Liam here.

I had only ever been to the Doumont trails once and having it been such a long time since I had gone biking through these trails I figured I would give it another shot. This is where curiosity meets opportunity as Nanaimo has a Mountain Bike Club! A key proponent that makes the club so popular is that they offer large and small group rides for different skill levels. Also they are a club that stresses the importance of promoting positive environmental practices as well as rider safety through excellent trail design, construction, and maintenance. Doing these things sets them apart as they have gathered quite a following and while I was riding I didn’t hear one negative thing about them. It was all positive and encouraging throughout the entire ride.

On their website, they provide you with monthly updated schedules of all the rides that will be happening that month. They are: Westwood Trail, Jameson Trails, Doumont Trails, The Abyss, Ridge Runner, and Cinnabar Valley. You can also participate in trail maintenance; doing this is optional but all the trails including the one I rode on Doumont, are kept in outstanding condition making for as smooth a ride as possible. A highlight of the hour and a half bike ride I did through Doumont was the Fine China Trail.

By far the most fun out of the two we rode the other being Thunder Road, which was a more challenging single-track trail with lots of turns and roots. It was a challenge for a beginner like myself. Fine China on the other hand had a lot of rollers and hills, making for some airtime if you were to go fast enough. You didn’t even really need to pedal, you could just coast down the hill and pump over the bumps. It had me feeling like I wanted to do it again and again after it was finished. This is a must-do trail for beginners; its easy and very fun and you get a great sense of speed.

The Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club is a great way to get your feet wet in the sport of Mountain Biking. With a membership that’s only $40 and lasts you a year its hard to pass up on that opportunity. If you don’t have a bike you can rent one for cheap at either of the two local Nanaimo shops, Oak Bay Bikes or Pacific Rim Bicycles. With great people behind the Bike Club, its just going to keep growing and if you do decide to come out and try it out you will definitely see me there, as everyone in the group is very friendly and inviting you wont be disappointed. See you on the trails!

OH – and check out this quick video shot with my helmet GoPro: