Hey guys! TN Blogger Megan here. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Long Weekend! Mine was filled with family, food & fun outdoors.

Since our Thanksgiving Dinner with my family was on Monday this year, we decided to embrace the sunny weather on Sunday morning and head south to Haslam Creek Trail & the Haslam Creek Suspension Bridge. This particular walking trail is a favourite with our family. It’s close to home (we live in the south end), the kids love looking for animal prints and slugs along the trail, and the best part is the suspension bridge over the creek.

The Haslam Creek Trail is a part of the Trans Canada Trail Network, which stretches up Vancouver Island from Victoria, and through Nanaimo before it crosses the Strait of Georgia via BC Ferries. This portion of the trail takes users along a well-maintained forested walk beside the Haslam Creek (I love the sounds of the water as we hike closer to the bridge!) before reaching the suspension bridge.

The area is for the most part second-growth forest, but all we have ever seen on the logging roads are ATV’s and dirt-bikes. I’m not sure they are actively logging up there right now. The bridge is only about a 15 minute walk from where you park your car alongside the logging road, which means this hike is PERFECT for families with little kids like ours. You know how kids love to complain about sore legs and being bored! Lucky for us this time, our kids were in their element. Finding sticks to throw over the bridge into the river, exploring some ‘cougar’ prints in the mud (don’t worry – they were just dog prints this time) and of course a ton of bugs and slugs to examine up close. All part of the fun at Haslam.

We haven’t ventured much further than about 10 minutes past the bridge, but hope to when the kids get a bit bigger. From what I’ve read online, there is a lake about 90 minutes from the trail head, and hikers can actually connect to the Nanaimo River at Spruston Road, which takes approximately 2.5 hours. We are definitely not ready for that hike! But I can’t wait for the day we are.

The creek itself is flowing pretty good right now, but expect it to flow faster as the rains come this fall/winter. Check out a video clip HERE!


  • drive south on Hwy 19 and just past the Nanaimo Airport, turn right on Timberlands Road
  • follow it to the end and keep left (Rondalyn Resort is on your right)
  • drive through, past the signs that say KEEP OUT: Gate locked 6am – 6pm (not sure if this is true or not but we haven’t risked it!)
  • continue through the gravel pit area and keep right along the fence line for about 1.5 kms
  • watch for a small blue trailhead sign on your right as well as a Trans Canada Trail sign up a tree. There is a small pull-off area here meant for parking. It looks just like this:

This park is worth exploring. Get outside this fall! Take in the nature and beauty that is Nanaimo & Region. We love to promote all the fun, natural things you can see and do in this are and what better time of year to experience the outdoors?

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Until next time,