Did you know that Nanaimo is home to not one, but TWO brewing companies? That’s right, Nanaimo is home to the Longwood Brew Pub and Wolf Brewing Company who both craft smooth, delicious craft brews.

Longwood Brew Pub

Longwood Brew Pub, located in Longwood Station in North Nanaimo, is a pub and restaurant that crafts their very own in-house brews. The Brewery is one of the first things you’ll notice as you walk in to Longwood Brew Pub – the primary brew house is located behind a storefront glass allowing you to sneak a peak as brewer Harley Smith works his magic.

Head to the Longwood Brew Pub on Saturday’s for tour days where you can explore the brewery and sample a variety of tasters. Like live music? They have that too! Every Thursday at 8pm you can enjoy a brew and a show.

Wolf Brewing Company

Nanaimo’s other brewery is none other than Wolf Brewing Company. Locally owned and operated, Wolf Brewing Co. is Nanaimo’s oldest micro-brewery! They source all local ingredients to create their brews including the Red Brick IPA, Black Tail Porter and Golden Honey Ale (among others!). In fact, the honey used in their Golden Honey Ale comes from Nanaimo’s Fredrichs Honey! Now that’s local.

Wolf Brewing Co.’s sampling room is located down on Old Victoria Road. So grab your growler and fill up with a tasty micro-brew at Wolf Brewing Company!


It may not be craft beer but we felt we should also mention this next entry! In addition to Nanaimo’s craft beers, we are also home to Arbutus Distillery – Nanaimo’s premier maker of fine artisan spirits. Head to their tasting room on Boxwood Road where you can sample the smooth Coven Vodka or The Empiric Gin – a true west-coast style gin! In fact all of Arbutus Distillery’s recipes are made with local and provincial ingredients to make these spirits truly home-grown.

If you haven’t already done so, check out Longwood Brew pub & Wolf Brewing Company for some delicious, home-grown, craft beer, or Arbutus Distillery for their fine artisan spirits. You won’t be disappointed!

– Sean

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