An #ExploreNanaimo Blog by TN Staffer Morgane

I had heard a lot about Neck Point Park and was very happy to finally have an opportunity to visit. The park is aptly named for a gravel bar that connects the park to a rocky head of igneous rock out in the water; which really does resemble a long neck! There are 36 acres of waterfront to explore and winding trails through Garry Oak Groves.

So my hubby and I packed up the dog (dogs are allowed on the paths but not the beach) and headed out at 7:30 at night. I have to say that I was quite struck by how beautiful the views were! Everywhere I looked was another photo opportunity. As we walked around, the dog found rabbits to chase and a deer to stalk; I’m not sure she knew what it was, but she is always up for a challenge!

The climb was mostly uphill for a while, so I definitely got some exercise and had to stop to rest a few times. The trails are mostly developed but there are some areas that were of the beaten path through the trees. At that time of night, the woods seemed slightly daunting and my husband and I opted for the security of the path (yes, we are both wimpy!). Along the path we came across some wooden stairs that led to stunning views, especially when you catch the sun setting in the distance.

This area is also known as a great diving site and orcas, seals and otters can often  be seen playing around in the waves or hanging out on outcrops of rock formations. Apparently a friendly octopus also makes it home in the deep water (I wonder what my dog would make of such a creature?)

Once the sun set, it was time to head home as the darkness made it a little harder to see the sights. I would recommend this area to anyone and look forward to my next adventure at Neck Point Park.

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