Hey it’s Liam again!

Heading out from Nanaimo to go to Tofino has never been made easier, thanks in part to the Tofino Bus system. They pick you up and leave from the Departure Bay Ferry terminal, as well as Woodgrove Centre. If you happen to be a student at VIU or another University, as it also makes departures from Victoria you will receive a student discount.  The bus is quite comfortable, as it’s a relatively smaller sized vehicle as on my trip from Nanaimo to Tofino there were 15 people who could sit and rest without being squished. It’s a great, affordable service for anyone looking to make a day surf trip up to Tofino. (Although, I myself spent 2 nights up there with my family enjoying the comforts of Cox Bay Resort, its top class with great service; five out of five stars).


For surfing you have a plethora of options in Tofino; however the Surf Club at Long Beach Lodge offers great rates for families, couples, or individuals looking for a day of surfing with easy access to a shower afterwards. They have a full locker room where you can store your belongings and provide you with a towel. It’s definitely great not having to worry about where to put all your things and being able to just focus on the wonderful day in the water ahead. The staff is spectacular, friendly, personable, and genuinely a great group of people. The Surf Club will have you leaving with a smile, even more so if you manage to catch a couple waves or maybe a wipe-out or two. Tofino also provides some serene sights of untouched beauty, as the many trails in the area have you going through dense forest. My personal preference is the Radar Hill hike, it’s a little on the challenging side and you definitely will get dirty but its surely worth it as you get to enjoy an untouched beach at the end of all your hard work. It’s crazy when I did the hike with my family we were the only people for miles. Tofino also has a great walking and bike trail leading into downtown Tofino. It’s a great way to head into the local hustle and bustle of Tofino.


Lastly, Tofino has incredible food, especially seafood. Two favourites of mine would have to be the massive fish burritos at Tacofino, they are seriously scrumptious and the seafood chowder at Sobo. They offer you a gigantic portion of chowder filled to the brim with fish. Pair it with their fresh in-house cornbread and you have yourself a winner, best lunch combo in Tofino. Red Can is another “must try”, they have expanded their seating area to comfortably dine in and the gourmet pizza is amazing. I’m always on the “seefood” diet whenever I hit Tofino. Before I forget I should also mention the great fish and chips place in Ucluelet, it’s out of a van and they serve the most mouth –watering fish and chips. Definitely a must try if you want to do an afternoon trip over to Ucluelet.


Tofino is a beautiful place, no matter what side of the island you plan on exploring whether you’re a local looking to get out and about, or come from overseas I suggest you mark Tofino down on the list of to-do’s and go out and experience it for yourself, maybe even get in some surfing if you’re feeling up for it.