Hey everyone!

I have some very exciting news. I was given the opportunity to go whale watching in Victoria with Orca Spirit Adventures and see a beautiful Humpback whale! Now some of you may be thinking, wait isn’t this an #ExploreNanaimo blog? Why yes it is, and this is one of the many day trips you can take with Nanaimo as your base camp!

We set out from Nanaimo in the morning to catch the noon boat out of Victoria’s downtown harbour to go whale watching with Orca Spirit Adventures. My friend and I made it just in the nick of time hopped on the boat and we were off in search of Humpbacks and Orcas. The boat headed west from Victoria along the coast of Sooke towards Race Rock. Race Rock is an ecological reserve for harbour seals – or orcaderves as they are lovingly called on the tour – as well as Stellar Sea lions and numerous birds.  We had two amazing guides on the boat with us, Shena and Sophie, who answered any whale related questions we asked them.

We were lucky enough to be able to see a Humpback whale just leisurely swimming around, or showing off as Shena and Sophie said.  Here is a tip to make you look like a pro next time you are on a whale watching tour and see a Humpback Whale:  although Humpback Whales breach sporadically, if you follow their “footprints” – the flat spot on the top of the water, made by the bubbles their blowing – you may just be able to guess where they will breach next.

I will warn you that on this tour you will be headed out into almost open water and the waves are rough; if you are prone to seasickness be sure to bring your Gravol or you will have the same fate as two poor souls on our boat. They enjoyed some awesome views off the back of the boat.

Once we were finished out whale watching we were famished so headed over to the Blue Fox Café and had Victoria’s best Eggs Benny!  I got the Egg Delmonico and Hannah got the Egg Pico and both were amazing. And if you ask, they do have gluten free toast for all my celiac readers out there!

If you are wanting to make your trip to Victoria a little bit longer, as Hannah and I did (we wanted to check out the Shania Twain tribute band at the Duke Saloon) and are hoping to keep your trip as inexpensive as possible, I would suggest staying at the Ocean Island Inn.  We booked a double room and had an awesome time cooking our own dinner and hanging out in our room.

I made a short little video if you guys want a visual experience of my trip – check it out HERE!

Thanks for reading,