Hey y’all!

I have a couple of nieces and nephews I needed to do some shopping for, well I didn’t really need to, I just enjoy to, hehe. Anyways, I went to a few different children’s stores downtown to look for the perfect gifts.

The first stop on my children’s shopping spree was Pumpkin Pie which is located in the Old City Quarter and has been open for 21 years! They have a large assortment of children’s items; baby gear for bath time, teething items, diapers, baby carriers, the list goes on and on! They have baby wear for casual, formal, swim and sleep, as well as formal and casual wear for girls and boys up to size 8! In addition to clothing they sell all kinds of shoes from boots to runners. They offer some toys for the smaller ages, lots of fun bath toys here! Pumpkin Pie is in the process of setting up an online shopping site too!

The second stop I made was at QBaby, which opened in October. This store focuses on the birth stages of life up to 24 months. They have a wide range of baby accessories from strollers to cribs to diapers and clothing. The clothing for the little ones here is just to die for! Cozy sleepers and classy clothing for a baby’s day out. They sell one type of diaper here, Funky Fluff which is a reusable cloth diaper. There are stylish, and sustainable! Although, they do focus more on the younger stages of life, they have many different toys, and not just for the wee little ones!

My third stop was The Children’s Treehouse, which opened up in November. This treehouse is full of fun goodies for all ages. They have sand toys, kites and beach balls – perfect for this time of year! They also have tons of books and puzzles for those quieter, rainier days.  Along with all of that, there are the classic Playmobil and train sets. They do offer some clothing for the wee little ones, as well as lots of fun toys for that stage in life.

Finally, I worked my way down to Maliah Magoo’s Children’s Wear. This store is mostly girls’ clothing, mainly focusing on 6 months up to 12 years of age, with the exception of a few items for wee little girls and boys from birth-6 months of age. Tons of adorable and dazzling outfits! They have everyday clothing items and some fanciful tutus and hair accessories. Lots of Frozen themed items, and I know how popular that is these days having a 6 year old niece, (Let It Go will forever be stuck in my head…)!

After a long day of shopping for the kidlets, I decided that I earned an adult treat – a Nanaimo Bar Martini from the Modern Café next door, perfect end to the day!

– Laura