Hi guys – it’s Morgane again!


I wanted to blog about my most recent FAM tour, aboard the Shadowfax. What an amazing time I had with Captain Hans on the open sea! Vancouver Island Catamaran Sailing is owned and operated by Hans Bongarts who has been sailing for 37 years and loves to take his guests on adventures.


The Shadowfax is the vessel that Hans uses and it is a real beauty. She was made for gently sailing along the Pacific coast and is she also eco-friendly. This catamaran can hold up to 12 people comfortably as there is ample room on the large deck and netting area.


Hans is very accommodating with his tours and lets people choose where they want to sail, how long the tour will be and if there is a special event, he is more than happy to let you bring your own food, drinks or party supplies aboard. He will often combine sailing with Island and beach activities, BBQ’s, hiking and swimming.

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Our little group started from the Waterfront  Suites and Marina (where the Shadowfax makes her home) loaded with fruit, chocolate and of course a little vino! The sun was shining and although it was a little windy, the water was quite calm. I managed to score a spot on the netting in the front and take in some rays while Hans gave us a little history on Newcastle Island, which we were just passing.


Our trip took us around Newcastle and Protection Island as well as the downtown harbour. On the way we saw a few seals, lots of boats from all over B.C and the States as well as gorgeous views from all directions. At one point we encountered an area of water with bright orange piping around it and the mast of a ship sticking up from the water. Apparently, a boat had sunk in this area and now like the chalk outline of a dead body, the area was surrounded in order to keep people away from the tragedy. Okay, so I read a lot of crime books!
If you’re looking for a great way to see the Island, I highly recommend letting Captain Hans take you on a tour. Not only is he knowledgeable but he is very personable and seems to really love his job! Of course, what’s not to love about spending a sunny day on the sea with great company?! For more info, check out his website HERE.

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Have fun out there!