Grab Some Delicious Eats While Out and About

Whether you’re looking for a warming treat on a cold, gray day, or seeking refreshment in the height of summer, you can get your fix at one of many delicious food trucks that operate year-round across the city.

Treat yourself to a surprising variety of mouth-watering indulgences: mini donuts, fresh cotton candy, tacos, donairs, Asian fusion and more.


The authentic Mexican tacos with slow-cooked meat are the “Tacomania” crowd favourite, but there are GF, vegetarian and vegan options too. Try the jackfruit carnita (pork) taco braised in a home seasoning blend and topped with fresh cilantro, pickled onions and mango lime salsa. The grilled and breaded fish taco comes with homemade coleslaw. Si, por favor!

Where: Often in the Nanaimo North Town Centre parking lot outside of Lowes or at Food Truck Friday events at Maffeo Sutton Park. Look for a black truck with a masked Mexican wrestler and Mexican and Canadian flags. or


This food truck serves up the best of both worlds: Donairz & Donutz. No need to make another stop for dessert. Here you can pick up a made-fresh donair (beef and lamb, chicken, or Beyond Meat veggie) and a dish of mini donuts straight out of the deep fryer and topped with cinnamon and sugar, Skor bar, s’mores, poutine or maple bacon.

Where: Often at Maffeo Sutton Park or Departure Bay Beach. Look for a trailer painted like a brick wall covered in colourful graffiti.

Sweet & Dandy Cotton Candy

This truck’s gourmet, homemade, small-batch, fresh-spun cotton candy is definitely not the old-fashioned standard. The owners have experimented with more than 100 different flavours you’ve likely never tried. What’s on the menu this week? Maybe peach, sea-salted caramel, dill pickle, maple bacon, pumpkin spice latte, or the cheddar served on a pepperoni stick.

Where: Often at Maffeo Sutton Park and the Sunday Cedar Farmer’s market. You won’t miss the bright pink truck. or

Tipsy Avocado

There’s something for every Mexican street food lover at this truck: tacos, nachos with beef, Mexican street corn dogs and churros. The gluten-free fish taco in corn batter gets rave reviews, too. Tacos are tasty and colorful with shredded cabbage, salsa fresca and pickled red onions.  Don’t miss the deep-fried havarti or the polenta fries served with a homemade burrito sauce.

Where: Often at Harewood Centennial Water Park. Look for the bright lime green and yellow truck with giant avocado artwork.


Catch the Caribbean vibes and aromas wafting from the grill with jerk chicken, roti, Jamaican patties and Jamaica’s national dish: ackee and saltfish. As synonymous with Jamaica as reggae, the national dish features salted cod and a nutty fruit called ‘ackee.’ Every dish on the menu explodes with flavor including some you’ve likely never tried before.

Where: Often at Maffeo Sutton Park or Departure Bay. Look for the bright kelly green truck that is likely flying a Bob Marley flag.

Harbour City Donuts

This popular Nanaimo food truck serves donuts as delicious as they are adorable. You can choose a classic (glazed, chocolate dip, maple dip) or go fancy: apple fritter, lemon raspberry, maple bacon, or Nanaimo bar. The seasonal menu is over-the-top donut heaven with varieties like root beer float, Malibu Barbie, chai, and cranberry white chocolate.

Where: Often found: outside Manvirros Indian Grill, the hospital and the Nanaimo Ice Centre. Look for the shiny red truck. or

​​Al Khalid Food

Nanaimo’s only Halal food truck, Al Khalid features the food and flavours of Syria. The aromas of slow-roasted chicken and grilled ground beef are irresistible. Pick up a falafel, shawarma or kebab pita wrap to go, or find a place to sit in the sun and add on the full meal with rice and salad. The pitas are perfectly toasted, the meat is packed with flavour, and the portions are generous.

Where: Often at Departure Bay Beach. Look for the red trailer with flames painted across the bottom.

Van Isle Poutinerie

This delicious food truck offers Canada’s national dish but with more than one twist. From the classic cheese curds and gravy to the adventurous Cowboy poutine featuring pulled pork, BBQ sauce, roasted corn and pico de gallo, you’re spoiled for choice. This food truck prides itself on being a place for those with allergies to eat, offering Gluten-free and vegan options.

Where: Often at Maffeo Sutton Park or city-wide events.

These are just a few of Nanaimo’s ever growing fleet of delicious food trucks. For the latest info on local food truck locations and more incredible food truck options, check the city’s food truck calendar or the Nanaimo Food Trucks Facebook group.